About Us

Our Mission is to exceed the expectations of everyone who call on us for cleaning services, no matter the job size, complexity or technical ability.

Decades of Experience

We provide the highest quality of cleaning services in multiple industries, such as but not limited to corporate offices, retail stores, medical offices, banks and small offices.

As a leader in the commercial cleaning services industry, we have maintained an excellent reputation, hired quality employees and ensured that we take a “custom” approach with each client we service. What differs us from large or multinational competitors is that everyone from our company is directly involved with our process, which ensures complete satisfaction.

We are family-owned company and we have a strong philosophy when hiring staff. We personally select each team member. We have them go through a background check and we verify their previous work experience. We train each new employee on site by teaching them our high standards cleaning techniques and we train them to be effective and efficient. Above all, team members are assigned to each account, meaning you will always have the same person on site. This guarantees quality, honesty and responsibility, and if for some reason they are absent or on leave, we are the ones to cover ensuring that monitoring and quality control is done by us.

We pride ourselves in the details

About Management

Mr. Solis and Mrs. Maria Rojas have owned Superior Professional Cleaning since 2004. Soon after acquiring Superior Professional Cleaning (SPC), they implemented a system that revamped the way SPC performed their business. A system that reinforced what they believe is most important to their clients such as reliability, commitment and honesty while assigning qualified team members to ensure consistency and provide personalized supervision for each client. Since then, SPC has been trusted by many facilities, schools, financial institutions, medical and corporate offices.

“Our vision and goal is to raise the bar when it comes to commercial janitorial services. Provide each and every client with a service that exceeds their expectation” – Solis Rojas, President of SPC.